SEALED IN SILENCE is an artist/producer based between the concrete & tropical jungles of chicago & hawaii.

originally hailing from Germany, born from the indie electronic music scenes, SEALED IN SILENCE seamlessly divergES into art, music, & film.


"Throughout the '80s and '90s Chicago was a dominant force in the industrial music scene. Bands like Ministry, KMFDM, Thrill Kill Kult, Pigface, and Sister Machine Gun, along with everyone else on the WaxTrax label, generated a scene that has yet to be duplicated. Most of those bands are gone today, or irrelevant to the local scene, leaving it, for the most part, dead. But recently, a couple of groups have popped up and are creating a new industrial subculture. Not a guitar driven Ministry clone that seems to be the stereotype of industrial, but a real electronic one. And one of the leaders of this movement is a one man band called SEALED IN SILENCE."

— David Staudacher [No Name No Slogan]